Calendar & Communications

We are all responsible for keeping the Calendar current. To update the calendar, contact the Administrator at with the subject of CALENDAR. Include Who -- person submitting the request/information, with contact information; What - The title/description and a sponsoring group; When - Date/time of the event, including preparation and clean-up time; Where - Location requested, both primary and alternate location; Other considerations,  such as accessibility; and How to obtain more information or to attend. The calendar is managed by the Administrator but is as current as the information submitted!

  The activities noted in The Calendar are included in The Flaming Chalice (Newsletter), E-Blast (Wednesdays) and Sunday Announcements, as described in the Publications Chart/Communications Cycle, using the following  abbreviations:


Location Code Legend

Sanctuary  (C-Sanct) 1st Fl Parlor (D-Prl) 2nd Floor (J-2nd)
Fellowship Hall  (C-FH) 1st Fl Olsen Room (D-Olsn)  Minister's Study (J-MS)
Committee Room (C-Comm) 1st Fl History Room (D-Hty)  
Robbins Room  (C-Rbns) 2nd Fl Front Room (D-2ndF)  
Nursery (C-Nurs) 2nd Fl Back Room (D-2ndB)  
Vestibule (Hall by C-Sanct)  (C-Vsb)